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Turquoise Shoes


Turquoise is blue green and not a very common colour. To think of it, it’s not very usual for shoes to come in this colour. However, there are thousands of shoes available in the market in this colour. There are high heels, sandals, rubber shoes, sneakers, mary janes, boots and just about every type of shoe you can think of which are available in turquoise.

Turquoise shoes


Some general information on turquoise shoes

Turquoise gives the feel of peaceful seas and endless waters and is just simply relaxing. Having it as a colour for clothing and shoes or accessories also give the person wearing it a relaxing feeling. It will most probably be a trendy colour during the summer season.


Turquoise shoes are very chic and fashionable; they are actually being worn by popular celebrities. It could be combined with almost every colour but it is recommended by fashion experts to combine it with only one colour of clothing at a time. For example it’s nice to wear a plain white or black dress and accentuate the look with turquoise shoes.


To focus more on the turquoise color, some turquoise accessories are also available in the market. Combine a simple dress with turquoise shoes and turquoise earrings or necklace and the look is complete. It is very unique, classy and elegant.


Wearing turquoise shoes is very tricky. Some clothes just don’t match well with turquoise shoes. For something as unique as these, it is best to consult a fashion consultant or a stylist to know whether it would look good. If experts in fashion are not available to give advice, browse through fashion magazines or online pages displaying people wearing these shoes and note how they were able to make it look good.


Turquoise shoes’ uniqueness helps out a person trying to make a fashion statement. Some turquoise shoes look vintage and since it’s not very common, it doesn’t look cheap.

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